What Are the Treatments for Coagulase Negative Staph? You might enjoy your trip more if you wait for a few weeks after your last treatment. Unless your health care team tells you differently, you can usually be around family and friends during the weeks and months you're getting chemo. If you have an important social event coming up, ask your doctor whether they can arrange your chemo so that you’re between treatments that week. These tips can help: Get some rest during the day if you're going out at night – you'll have more energy for the evening. Some people find the end of their treatment quite difficult. When patients take chemotherapy at home via small pumps or by mouth, additional safety instructions should be obtained from the doctor. If you are able to drink, then small amounts of alcohol may help to boost your appetite. Use of a separate toilet may be a good option during this period. Most chemotherapeutic drugs take about 48 hours to be broken down by the patient’s body, that subsequently gets rid of these. Chemotherapy drugs are powerful medications that can be potentially dangerous to household members and caregivers. Many doctors recommend use of two different forms of birth control during this time. Always wear gloves when cleaning the commode. Some people receive chemotherapy at home through small pumps or in pill form by mouth. This will go back to normal once the treatment has finished. It is important for the patient, caregivers and other household members to avoid physical contact with body fluids for the first 48 hours after treatment to prevent accidental exposure to chemotherapy medications. Your doctor or chemo nurse can talk to you about this. For the first 48 hours after a chemotherapy treatment, patients should double flush after using the toilet. Use disposable gloves when cleaning up body fluid accidents and discard them immediately after use. With a bit of planning and a few precautions, your social life can still go ahead. Because chemotherapy reduces the body's ability to fight infections, patients should take precautions to prevent infection. Drinking a little alcohol probably won't affect most types of chemotherapy – but check with your doctor first. Avoiding sexual activity or using a condom for the first 48 hours after chemotherapy prevents potential medication exposure through semen and vaginal secretions. Oncology nurses and doctors may wear gloves, goggles, gowns or masks because they are exposed to chemotherapy drugs every day. Search our clinical trials database for all cancer trials and studies recruiting in the UK, Questions about cancer? Talk to your specialist about having the flu jab if you’re in the middle of chemotherapy treatment. There are a few extra things you need to think about when you’re travelling. Those undergoing treatment should avoid people who are sick and large crowds. So food and drink may not taste as they did before. To avoid getting an infection, always eat freshly cooked food - avoid raw meat, fish, eggs, soft cheese and take away foods. Katherine Bendickson began writing professionally in 2010 for LIVESTRONG.COM. Preventing pregnancy during and for a few months following the completion of treatment is important because chemotherapy drugs may cause birth defects. Because chemotherapy reduces the body's ability to fight infections, patients should take precautions to prevent infection. She is a registered nurse specializing in oncology, and she has had an oncology nurse certification since 2005. American Cancer Society: Chemotherapy Principles, Safety Precautions, Cancers for Disease Control and Prevention: Preventing Infections in Cancer Patients. With some chemotherapy drugs it is very important not to drink alcohol as they interact. Chemotherapy is strong medicine, so it is safest for people without cancer to avoid direct contact with the drugs. Your specialist will tell you the best time to have a flu jab. You can take some anti sickness tablets before you go out for a meal if you think you’ll need them. Frequent and thorough hand washing reduces the likelihood of contracting an infectious illness. But there can be problems with live vaccines taken by mouth (oral vaccines). Immunisation against infectious disease This can mean that people who used to enjoy alcohol do not enjoy having a drink while on treatment anyway. If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately. There are chemotherapy safety precautions that have to be considered by the patients to protect themselves and their family. Avoiding sexual activity or using a condom for the first 48 hours after chemotherapy prevents potential medication exposure through semen and vaginal secretions. Any clothing or linen that has been soiled with body fluids should be laundered separately. Waiting a few weeks might help you adjust back to normal home life. You are the only person who should be exposed to the chemo you are getting, but it can b… Some chemotherapy drugs can make you feel sick or you may lose your appetite. Most people receive chemotherapy by an intravenous route in a clinic and are monitored by nurses administering the drugs. If pregnancy occurs during treatment, notify your doctor right away. Call freephone 9 to 5 Monday to Friday or email us. In addition to the precautions taken in the first 48 hours, there are ongoing precautions to be considered for the safety and health of the patient and family. You'll find some useful information in our section on travelling and cancer. The body eliminates most chemotherapy drugs within the first 48 hours following treatment. Social life, alcohol and other activities during chemotherapy, Read more about the flu vaccine and cancer, Tips and information on travelling with cancer.

chemotherapy precautions for family

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