the pair often gets used as drum overheads when i have a drummer who is more of a 'pounder', it gets massive toms and kick sounds and tames the cymbals (my usual overheads … If you plan on using your Fathead II pair for drum overheads … Cascade Fatheads Drum Overheads by Martin Mitchell published on 2014-01-06T14:55:51Z The drums on this recording are recorded with a single pair of Cascade Fathead 11 ribbon mics. Each microphone is carefully assembled and tested at our headquarters in Olympia, Washington. However, for drum overheads, I felt the stock model was a little too lacking in high frequency response. Cascade Fat Head II Stereo Ribbon Microphone Pair. i like them quite a lot. The new Cascade Fat Head … The Fat Head II remains an excellent choice for guitar cabinets, vocals, horns, strings, drum overheads… we love to use them on just about everything! i have a pair of the regular fathead 2s and one of the lundahl upgraded ones.

cascade fathead overheads

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