With a notable inventory of larger-sized stock, California Tropical Fruit Tree nursery is uniquely poised to provide mature trees, in quantity, that are already bearing substantial flowers and fruit. Get latest info on Star Fruit, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, wholesale suppliers with Star Fruit prices for buying. Small clusters of lilac-colored flowers bloom intermittently year-round followed by fruit, which ripens to a golden yellow usually within 3-4 months. The tree can adapt to any soil type, but grows faster and produces more fruit in a soil with more organic matter. Sales tax and tree removals do not count towards volume discount amounts. LYCHEE - Litchi chinensisHeight 40'  Width 40’  Maintain to 15' X 15' Flower Time: January - February Harvest Time: May - JuneLight: Full sun Soil: Average, AKEE - Blighia sapida  Height 35'  Width 30'Flower Time: April - SeptemberHarvest Time: August - November Light: Full sun to partial shadeSoil: Moist, well-drained, BAY LEAF - Laurus nobilis Height 20'  Width15’   Flower Time: None Harvest Time: None Light: Full sun Soil: Well-drained, APPLE -  Malus domesticaHeight 25'  Width 20'Flower Time: SpringHarvest Time: AutumnLight: Full sun Soil: Moist, well-drained, CACAO - Theobroma cacaoHeight 15'  Width 10'Flower Time: Early spring or throughout the yearFruit Time: Summer or throughout the year if warmLight: ShadeSoil: Moist, well-drained, BLUEBERRY - Vaccinium corymbosumHeight 6'  Width 4'Flower Time: Late winter to springFruit Time: Spring to early summerLight: Full sun, DRAGON FRUIT -  Hylocerus sp.Height and Width: Vining cactusFlower Time: During warm monthsFruit Time: During warm monthsLight: Full sunSoil: Any well-drained, BANANA - Musa sp.Height 5-20'   Width 3-10', depending on varietyFlower Time: Warm monthsHarvest Time: Warm monthsLight: Full sunSoil: Moist, rich soil, CASHEW - Anacardium occidentaleHeight 25'  Width 25'Flower Time: SpringFruit Time: June - JulyLight: Full sunSoil: Average​, Mombin,Hog Plum- Spondias purpureaHeight 15'  Width 15'Flower Time: Feb - April Harvest Time: May - July Light: Full sun to partial shadeSoil: Moist, well-drained, BLACK PEPPER - Piper nigrum Height and Width: Vine Flower Time: Any timeHarvest Time: Any timeLight: Shade Soil: Well-drained, MACADAMIA NUT - Macadamia integrifoliaHeight 30'  Width 30’ Flower Time: March - April Harvest Time: October - Nov Light: Full sun Soil: Average, CANISTEL, EGG FRUIT - Pouteria campechianaHeight 30'  Width 25’' Flower Time: April - August Harvest Time: September - March Light: Full sun Soil: Average, BLACKBERRY - Rubus sp.Height and Width: Mounds (18" H X 6’ W) Flower Time: March - May Harvest Time: April - June Light: Full sun Soil: Average, ​​JAKFRUIT - Artocarpus heterophyllusHeight 60'  Width 60’  Maintainable size to 15' X 15''Flower Time: Warm months and dry periods Harvest Time: Late spring through fall Light: Full sun Soil: Average, moist, MIRACLE FRUIT - Synsepalum dulcificumHeight 15'  Width 10’ Flower Time: Throughout the year Harvest Time: Throughout the year Light: Morning sun only or partial shade, ABIU - Pouteria caimitoHeight 20' Width 25'Flower Time: SpringHarvest Time : September-OctoberLight : Full SunSoil : Moist , well-drained, MANGO - Mangifera indica Height 30' - 60'  Width 30-60’  Maintain to 15' X 15''Flower Time: December - April Harvest Time: July - September Light: Full sun Soil: Average​, GUAVA Tropical - Psidium guajavaHeight 25'  Width 25’ Flower Time: Spring and fall Harvest Time: Late spring and winter Light: Full sun or partial shade Soil: Average. Star Fruit ‘Maher Dwarf’ (Averrhoa carambola) This easy-to-grow Star Fruit tree will flower and fruit once it reaches a height of 1 1/2-2', often within the first year. Use Current Location. For best results when mulching your fruit trees, adopt a rainforest-style approach. Treeland Nursery has been in operation since 1983 and specializes in the following landscaping services: container tree sales, tree planting and tree removal.

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