The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects greater than average growth for the medical social work field during the decade 2018-2028 ( Health social work is a rapidly growing field in which highly trained social workers deliver services to individuals and families, usually in a healthcare setting. “The nurse/social worker case management team should work collaboratively to address each patient need with each discipline, bringing their very distinct skill set to the table,” she says. Case managers and social workers … Psychiatric social workers can also be responsible for making sure that the client is following a treatment plan and that he or she is meeting with the other members of the team such as doctors or speech therapist. Case Management, in some hospitals, are required to be unliscensed social workers, plus utilization managers (a three in one deal for the hospital). There's a lot of demand for good social workers… Psychiatric social workers … However, I have never ran across a social worker working as a nurse. Health social workers may work in an administrative capacity, devising support programs for individuals in hospitals, nursing … Social work is definitely something I would look into. Medical social workers are tied with mental health and substance abuse social workers as the fastest growing social work … If you don't want to leave the healthcare field, look into medical social work (what I'm currently in grad school for).

can a nurse be a social worker

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