The golden trout is native to California, originally found only in a few icy streams of the headwaters of the Kern River. The biggest rainbow trout ever caught on rod and reel in the state of California was landed in early January in Butte County by Jim Harrold of Cohasset on 8-pound test line. Documents the life-cycle of the California Golden Trout and efforts by the California Department of Fish and Game to restock the Golden Trout in other areas of the state. Coastal cutthroat trout are found from Northern California up to Alaska. They are more strongly tied to freshwater than most of the anadromous salmonids, especially in California, and resident non-migratory populations exist. - The fish must be legally taken under the provisions of a current, valid California sportfishing license. Creator . California Golden Trout. The golden trout, (Salmo agua-bonita,) is native only to California and was named the official state fish by act of the State Legislature in 1947. California has three distinct subspecies of rainbow trout commonly grouped as golden trout: Kern River rainbow trout, Little Kern golden trout, and California golden trout. There are so many awesome species on offer, from Calico Bass to Largemouth Bass and from Stripers to Sturgeon. Unknown. Most migration in California is limited to movement within a river system or to movement between a river and the estuary. The California golden trout (also known as Volcano Creek golden trout) are in the most precarious position of the three golden trout. All State Fish. Harrold had his 28.33-p… Fishes. On Aug. 7, Sam Hix of Bellaire, Texas set a new catch-and-release state record for Yellowstone cutthroat trout after landing a 30.5-inch monster while fishing the Snake River in Bingham County. Reading Time: 4 minutes Choosing the California state fish would be a difficult job. The California golden trout (Salmo agua-bonita) was designated the official state fish of California in 1947.California also adopted a marine fish as a state symbol in 1995. California's official state fish is the California golden trout. Patrick Samuel is the Conservation Program Coordinator for California Trout, a position he has held for almost two years, where he coordinates special research projects for California Trout, including the State of the Salmonids report. Clearly, it was a tough choice, because California landed on not one, but two state fish: Golden Trout … Subject Topic . Official State Fish of California. California State Fish Golden Trout (Salmo agua-bonita) Adopted on April 11, 1947 . - The facts regarding the capture must be recorded on a form FG 737A (California Inland Water Angling Record Verification). - The fish must be examined by an employee of CDFW.

california state record golden trout

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