The ewe in back (#15, born 2/27) is from Chocolate 12 (pictured) and John, Romney. The Shearling rams are sold privately or at Welshpool Ram Sale held every year towards the end of September. BLACK LEICESTER LONGWOOL RAM SHEEP FOR SALE Yearling black Leicester Longwool ram sheep for sale for this breeding season. Each is for sale for $125- and can be registered with the Natural Colored Wool Breeders. As a traditional longwool breed, the Blue Faced Leicester must have a lustrous fleece, and is known for its fertility and high scanning %. Our animals are well monitored, vaccinated, and vetted as needed. For our Derby Line Border Leicester, we went searching for a flattering pattern that’s just right for all of the extra knitting time many of us have working at home. 3/4 Border Leicester 1/4 Cormo white ram lamb $200 Here is one way to figure what they are worth: You get 8-10 .lbs of raw, skirted fleece which sells between $5-$8 per .lb = ($40-$80) Processed you lose ~50% in grease and waste = 4-5 lbs of clean wool ready to process. He comes from registered parents, but is not registered himself. Animals have large erect ears and a roman nose. Altogether, that means for at least part of the year, we are caring for about 500-600 sheep. A tall, large upstanding sheep, ewes weigh around 80-100kg and rams 120-145kg. Leicester Longwool sheep for sale The Leicester Longwool is one of the “luster longwool” breeds, so designated for the sheen and brilliance of their wool. He was born 4-1-2017, and was a twin. Bought up on a sheep/cattle farm in Mid-Wales Emma reintroduced sheep to Hildenley in 1990 and not long after the pedigree Border Leicester flock was started. History. Their striking appearance and elegant presence make them popular in the show ring. Paul is the shepherd of our flock, and it's a role he takes very seriously! The Blue Faced Leicester is the most popular crossing sire in the UK and of critical importance to its stratified sheep system. The Border Leicester evolved from the Dishley Leicester, bred and made famous by Robert Bakewell of Dishley in Leicestershire. Sheep for sale The ewe in front (#22, born 3/13)is from Lillian, a Border Leicester ewe and Cornelius, the Horned Dorset. We offer shearling ewes/ inlamb shearling ewes for sale. We raise around 300 lambs each year, both to continue expanding our flock, and to provide lambs for sale.

border leicester sheep for sale wisconsin

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