Purchase a small-size hanging or plain wire cage so the cardinal feels as if it is nesting out in the open. Closer to the fence, the birdhouse has been made of a moderate size to enable the birds to find their dwelling. The best location will be underneath the overhang of the house and about 6 feet or higher to prevent predators from attacking it. DIY Birdhouse Plan. Plans include drawings, measurements, shopping list, and cut list. Simple Birdhouse Idea for Kids. ... Modern Cardinal Birdhouse Plan. Shopping List. To see a basic Bird house plan to apply these dimensions to, click here to see a Bird House Plan. If your place boasts of migratory birds, you can set up a warm and cozy small house for their special care and needs. Cardinals prefer to home in the branches of plants rather than gaps in the boot. Producing an enclosed birdhouse for a cardinal will definitely likely fail, as the cardinal will definitely ignore it, while cavity-nesting birds including wrens and also property sparrows will relocate. Material List. Watching birds that stop by for birdseed is just half the fun of backyard birdwatching: There’s more enjoyment to be had when you provide a birdhouse. By TA on February 8, 2015 Birds. Birdhouse dimensions chart – because one size doesn’t fit all 0. When deciding on the dimensions for your birdhouse consider what that bird might use in its natural environment. Cardinals are very small birds, a little bigger than finches, so a very large cage will fail to serve its purpose, as they will feel threatened and refuse to nest there. 3. Bird House or Nest Box Dimensions. Cardinal nesting shelter bird house plans built using one fence board.

birdhouse dimensions for cardinals

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