It lacks the instantly-recognizable visual profile of its closest competitors, the Electro-Voice RE20/PL20 and the Shure SM7, and it cannot rival the RE20 in studio ubiquity (which falls only slightly short of the notorious SM57 and D 112). The Beyerdynamic M88 TG is a classic originally designed in the 1960s. While the SM57 has the price advantage by a lot, the M88 … It is known for its integrated humbucking coil and low mass diaphragm element, … Engineers and producers tend to … The M 88 is an easy microphone to overlook. Tape Op reviewed the SM7 all the way back in 2003 but is just catching up with the M 88 … The flat-topped Beyerdynamic M88 has been a favorite of many artists and engineers since the 1960s. Beyer Dynamic has a good reputation for making high quality microphones, and this is just one of many great mics made by this company. Beyerdynamic M88 TG Dynamic Microphone With Hypercardioid Polar Pattern. I think of this as a much fatter Shure SM57 that can be used for a wider of situations.

beyerdynamic m88 vs sm7b

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