comments:One of my personal favorites—craft your own unique vacation in Thailand by seeking out the spectral ruins of 13th century Khmer temples scattered across Thailand's arid northeast. This bible provided the heuristic foundation for's automatic transliteration engine. This book gives you some idea of a portion the course content. In wrenchingly immediate prose, she describes atrocities the rest of the world might prefer to ignore...". A preferred reference of this web site's Author. There are a few pages in the introduction discussing the history of the Thai language and general transliteration information, and an appendix of country names and capitals written in Thai. Expensive; not recommended except for the large amount of audio material. . Check the book out, Outrageous Thai: Slang, Curses and Epithets. Includes some translated chapters from Queer, by the same author (see below). If you are very serious about learning the Thai language, Thai Reference Grammar is not optional! Despite the title, Thai is not easy with this book—there is too much focus on vocabulary and the Thai alphabet, with little information on grammar. Essential. comments:This successful series generally takes a more opinionated stance, which some travelers prefer. I’m looking for a Thai reference book, preferably something more advanced. comments:Although the title calls this a "phrase handbook," it is really much more, a lengthy and comprehensive study course. Phonetic pronunciations are provided for difficult to pronounce words. comments:Excellent course of topical lessons, including optional sections on reading and writing. Although the book's petite size is convenient—it would not be noticed in a back pocket—tiny and faint printing had to be used to fit in the considerable content; some might find it hard to read, especially the Thai script. For experts I’d recommend ‘A Junior Thai-English Dictionary‘ by Tianchai Iamworamate. Language. It is primarily meant for native Thais, since the Thai-English part has no roman character transliteration, while the English-Thai part does have Thai script transliteration of English. Portions copyright © by original authors, rights reserved, used by permission; Portions, Matichon Dictionary of the Thai Language, 1st Edition (2004), Thai Reference Grammar: The Structure of Spoken Thai, Teach Yourself Thai Complete Course Audiopack, Thai: An Essential Grammar (Routledge Grammars), A.U.A. I'll forgive them for stealing's color scheme. . Many target impulse buyers – lots of ‘easy’ but not meant for a serious learner. I’ve just downloaded a massive package of Thai instruction programs (audio and PDFs), with no clue how to choose among them and proceed. Not for the conservative or faint-of-heart, the book is nevertheless an engaging and well-researched look inside the unflattering side of R-rated Thai language. comments:One of the great features of this Thai-English dictionary is the extensive set of appendices including common and scientific names of plants, fish, birds, and other animals; geographic names; military and police ranks; Thai government organizations; financial institutions; and public universities. This was back when there weren’t very many internet resources, and paper-back literature was also limited. comments:I haven't read this one yet, but it looks like a fun and complete course, with sections on grammar, vocabulary, dialog, culture, etc. Amongst those recommended titles, I concur that the book “Thai Reference Grammar” is the best book that I had in my collection of books related to the study of the Thai language. Meaning if someone doesn’t speak ‘perfect’ Thai, you’d be clueless to what they said. What is the best book to learn Thai? A serious course developed by the Foeign Service Institute, comments:Book with 16 cassette tapes. While Rosetta Stone is no longer offers it’s Thai software, you can get the Pimsleur Thai software here. See above for audio version. Features the voice of veteran Thai traveler and legendary Lonely Planet Guides author Joe Cummings.]. ⛳️ Recommended. 3) Learning Thai without the Thai alphabet is like learning English without the English alphabet. comments:This unusual book starts with several chapters on topics such as how to meet people in Thailand, how to find a Thai wife, cultural issues, etc. A.U.A. Still, for obscure vocabulary within the detailed scenarios presented, there's no other source. It looks like the sections on reading and writing are token—it's too bad that Thai script is not included alongside all of the transliterated words, especially since the important tone marks are omitted in the transliteration once a word has been intially introduced. comments:Published in 1944, this definitive reference work has now been superceeded by many superior and more up-to-date works. This useful book is authored by a Thai native yet intended for English speakers. comments:Book 1 of the hard-core course from 1945. comments:Audio cassettes only? comments:Pimsleur method. Dry, technical and forbidding?—Yes; can you do without it?—no. I’m not sure what is the best? They are "out of the classroom" and fun to listen to, though, and simultaneously suited for many levels of Thai language student. My copy is quite worn from use. comments:Gay version of Thai for Lovers (see above) by the same publisher, some overlap. Recommended for its impressive scope. The Thai-English part is basically useless unless you dedicate yourself to this book's particular transliteration scheme. Occasionally the karaoke doesn’t even match the written Thai! I have also received some reports of typographical errors and inconsistencies. When at the beginning of a word, ป should be written as ‘bp’, ต should be ‘dt’, and ก should be ‘g’. The author of recommends this product. Here you'll find 21491 audio clips, over 76542 dictionary entries, 826 images and illustrations, message boards, and a friendly world-wide community of folks who are interested in Thai language, culture, residency, and travel. It’s just one big multiple-choice test software which was cut and pasted from their other languages., 6 Ways to Give Your Career a Boost by Learning a Language: It’s like trying to learn Thai by taking the final test – it doesn’t work like that. comments:When you've given up on all other methods of learning to read or write Thai, turn to this: the complete and concise explanation of all the pronunciation rules and exceptions, with very little else. Highest recommendation. Sent to me for review by the author, a long-time member and visitor of this website, this book is a colorful look at—as the title coyly notes—"outrageous" colloquialisms in the Thai language. One final option . IMHO, it is a very useful book to have whenever you wish to check out on functions and grammatical rules of certain particles, conjunctions, phrases, idioms and agreements that one would meet as one prods along the path in learning the Thai language. Bangkok 10404, fax 66-2 270-1933. comments:The best pocket Thai language tourist dictionary I have encountered; it betters most bulkier works.

best thai language books

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