Longevity is the most important aspect of a set of guitar strings. A string gauge that is too thick will last much longer, but will not allow for good vibrato or resonation, as the thicker strings will require too much effort to fret. String gauge, and the choice of coating (or no coating at all) will come down to player preference, however there are a handful of player’s choice strings that are renowned not only for their crisp sound and pleasant feel, but also for their top quality. I bought a fg 820 awhile back, a sunburst model. I want the stock sound on my Yamaha FG700S...what strings were originally on it? Longevity is a relative term–not all strings will last the same; some will erode much quicker than others, and some will require actual maintenance in order to preserve them. Yamaha definitely know a thing or two about how to build an acoustic guitar! The longer a set of strings lasts, the less money you will have to spend over time buying new sets to replace the old, worn out sets. Within the last fifteen years, strings have been made with a variety of coatings, each of which is designed to preserve the feel and integrity of the string. As an Amazon Associate, Best Acoustic Guitar Guide earns from qualifying purchases. Never done it before ... No one within 2 hours of me to do it either. Even Yamaha’s lower priced guitars tend to have reasonable tone – and the FG800 is no exception. Yes they sound good, but not for long. | Powered by WordPress. I think they're just generic light gauge, nothing special. It is a guitar for beginner guitarists as well professional players. Any of the following string sets will be a great starting point and comparison point in your search for the perfect acoustic guitar string set. Yes they sound good, but not for long. Ernie Ball 2221 Regular Slinky Nickel Wound guitar strings are known for being the favorite string of famous rockstars such as Slash, Jimmy Page, Metallica and Eric Clapton. Coated strings are a relatively new concept. The nut is good on mine, as is the neck. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The EJ16’s are available in a 1 pack, 3 pack or a 10 pack as well as in Heavy, Light, Medium, Bluegrass, Custom Light and Extra Light styles. I put on elixers and I hate them. The problem with uncoated nickel wound strings is that they tend to rust fairly quickly if proper care is not taken of them; most guitarists wipe their strings with a microfiber cloth after each playing session to avoid the salts and oils from their fingers eating away at the strings and causing rust. These strings are available in gauges of .010, .013, .017, .026, .036 and .046. In a time when you are learning the precise feel of the instrument and discovering how to properly pick and bend your notes, these cheaper, smoother strings are the perfect choice. Like any coated string set, the Nanowebs can take some getting used to–they tend to feel a bit satiny to some, which can be off putting. These Elixir strings are available with Nanoweb or Polyweb coating. The EJ16 Phosphor Bronze are D’Addario’s most popular acoustic guitar string set. The Elixir Polyweb are sold as electric guitar strings but can be used on both electric guitars and acoustic guitars. They can add the extra bit of bite to chords and allow notes to resonate longer. For players who tend to use more force, or bend their notes more sharply, lighter gauged strings may have a tendency to snap quicker than heavier gauged strings. The Polyweb coating, like the Nanoweb coating, can keep a guitar sounding newly stringed and clean for months longer than average uncoated strings. Action is a tad high but I am afraid of messing up a good thing. They are cheaper than their coated counterparts, as they are cheaper to produce. If you are in a hurry, and before we get into more detail about what to look for to find the best acoustic guitar strings for your instrument, lets have a quick look at our top 5 strings that we feel would are the highest quality and are most often picked by acoustic guitarists. Copyright text 2020 by Best Acoustic Guitar Guide. I bought a FG800 bundle package from Kraftmusic.com which came with 2 extra sets of strings. Elixir Strings 80/20 Bronze NANOWEB Coating, Ernie Ball 2221 Regular Slinky Nickel Wound. Check out Our Strumming Guide, Fender MA-1 3/4 Size Steel String Acoustic, Yamaha APX500III Thinline Acoustic-Electric Cutaway, Behringer ACX900 Ultracoustic Amplifier Review, Fender Champion 600 Acoustic Guitar Amp Review, Fender Frontman 212R Acoustic Guitar Amp Review, Comparing All 7 of Ernie Ball’s Volume Pedals, Livid Guitar Wing / ACPAD MIDI Controller, Check Out the Top 10 Best Capos for Acoustic Guitar. I was thinking about doing same thing. Location: Southern California (But a Colorado Native). You can, therefore, use it when you need a perfect blend of classic and modern sounds.

best strings for yamaha fg800

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