Mouthwash doesn’t replace brushing, even when you have a mouth full of braces but it does act as a great helper to rid the mouth of bacteria and germs around the fittings and hardware. So if you’re looking for the best mouthwash for braces, Colgate Phos Flur, Act and Colgate Fluorigard are definitely worth considering. I never needed braces as a kid, or at least that's what the dentist told my mom, but as I got older, it seemed like my teeth kept shifting. Mouthwash is proven effective and recommended by dentists as part of daily oral health care. by Peter Mayhew | Aug 10, 2019. And when you wear cool wires on your teeth (yes, we’re talking about the fluorescent-colored ones), there are all sorts of new hidden cracks and corners for food particles to get trapped in, making it easier for plaque to build up and tartar to form. Using a mouthwash will also help to remove any food particles if they get stuck in the braces. My veneers are one week old and were quite expensive but look beautiful & I want to maintain them with good hygiene. Best Mouthwash Reviews & Ratings. Mouthwash is not meant as a substitute for brushing with fluoride toothpaste or flossing. Sometimes even thorough brushing is not enough to remove them. If you click on a link on this page and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. For mouthwash to work best, it should be used properly: However, when combined with brushing and flossing, mouthwash reaches areas those implements cannot. Ask your dentist which type is best for you. That’s just part of the whole experience. The Best Toothbrush and Mouthwash if you have Invisalign My toothbrush and I have gotten really close the past few months. – Sarita in Connecticut We thank our advertisers who help fund this site. Adult braces. Invisalign to be exact. Rinsing with an alcohol-based mouthwash isn’t good for children under 6, who are likely to swallow the liquid. Dear Dr. Hall, I need to know what is the best mouthwash to use that won’t damage my veneers? If you or someone you know wears braces, you’re used to getting food stuck in them. Sarita, […] In February, I got braces for the first time. Physical Limitations – If you have dexterity problems that make flossing and brushing difficult, mouthwash can help rid the mouth of germs and bacteria that can cause further problems.

best mouthwash for braces 2019

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