As advised by you, I\'ll wear it on Monday the 19th Aug 2013 morning while performing my daily pooja to Lord Mahadev. I want to thank India for having preserved these traditions, I just received my package containing the rare black 10 inch narmada shivalinga and the parad bracelet. It cleans and purifies, giving you good health and spiritual upliftment. We use Cookies to help us optimize your experience. 2. What is the significance of Akshata in rituals? Rudra Centre brings you quality content that is backed by deep research. Yes, we do provide authenticity certificate with all our Parad Products. +91-70211 80033 [email protected] It cures diseases of the brain and nervous system. I love the arm bands. Carnelian Bracelets. Peridot helps an individual in discovering ones hidden talents leading to ultimate purpose in life, 9. Unauthorized copying, duplication, transmission for commercial purposes, plagiarism will attract severe legal penalties. They are also used for stats, social media, quality assurance etc together with our partners By continuing, you accept the use of cookies. FOR PRODUCT ENQUIRY: Individual wearing peridot gemstone can gain tremendously by way psychological healing. A Siddh Parad is prepared through the secret Vedic rituals and several samskara processes passed on from generations of Vaidyas and Siddhas. One can also find Peridots that have a yellowish green tinge too. Those desiring to achieve higher goals in life and quickly to be done with the past karmas must have a Parad Shivling. Mere taking a sight of a Parad Shivling nullifies the sins of killing a thousand Brahmins and cows. The Rig Veda has 117 shlokas about Soma, which comprises of Rhodium, Iridium and Mercury. The rare and one of its kind olive green colour of this stone has been instrumental in it receiving its name Olivine. Malachite Bracelets. +91-70211 80033 Individual wearing peridot gemstone can gain tremendously by way psychological healing. We undertake the process of purifying Parad and eliminate Saptakanchuki. If you are constantly battling any kind of fear as one of your biggest challenge, then Peridot is the gemstone for you as it directly works on the heart chakra and gets healing! Why is it celebrated? It cannot be created or destroyed. in Rudraksha, Gemstones & Hindu Puja Items, ASK OUR EXPERT: Aventurine Peridot. The Peridot stone is a precious stone. I would like to thank him very much for all the help and arrangements he made for my purchase here. Rudra Centre is one of the best places i have ever come across and i am not even Hindu but all the items i have purchased have help me in more ways than one. The Peridot is the birthstone of those born in the month of August, this is a stone worn to enhance various positive traits. Peridot is an excellent gem for people working with natural products, nature and for earth healers. How to Relieve Anxiety With Silver Jewelry. You may wear as a ring or as a bead on neck or on wrist. Tree. Your Trusted Brand Since 1997, All Right Reserved | Copyright ¬© Rudra Centre. Wearing a peridot is said to bring good luck and help the wearer realise cherished dreams, 8. RUDRAKSHA BEADS, Peridot Jade Onyx Citrine Chakra Vastu They are believed to have regenerative powers. Natural peridot gemstone is the alternative gem for natural emerald. It also states that a solid Mercury ball should be dipped four times in 200 ml of raw milk and taken before sleep at night. It has the unique quality of attracting all the good vibes the planet offers. A shivling made of stabilized Parad is a great object of prayers and meditation. In what situations would it best benefit you to wear silver? Pure mercury is a liquid metal, sometimes referred to as quicksilver that volatizes readily.The Brahma Purana states that worshiping Parad idols brings blessings from the Supreme Absolute and devotees attain final liberation. Tiger Eye Bracelets. These Quality stones are transparent with an oily lustre and are known to protect the wearer from the evil eye or negativity. I wish I could buy everything on your web site! In order to get rid of all diseases, the aforesaid milk should be continuously taken for a minimum of 41 days and maximum three months without a break. Turquoise Bracelets. My biggest one is a brown narmada shivalinga that is a foot long and weighs 20 pounds. Can they solve My Unique problems, Which is the Best Gemstone Choosing Method | Which Gemstone Should I wear. RUDRAKSHA BEADS, INDONESIAN / JAVA Siddh Parad when prepared as per ancient knowledge of Parad Bandhan contains miraculous properties of healing and protection. Peace, Health, Here are the features of this parcel of peridot gemstone: Each Peridot gemstone of ¬†Amitaa- is fully natural- is of Famed Burmese Origin very rare- is a lovely deep rich mint green to Golden Olivine Green in color- is of excellent scintillating cut- has excellent clarity- is jyotish quality- is devoid of doshas mentioned in the sacred texts. You can be rest assured that on wearing a Peridot include your physical as well as emotional health will be at its best. Vedic scriptures state that Parad is the purest and the most auspicious of minerals and matters. However at Rudra Centre, we advice you to just wear the bead for full effects in form of a bracelet on right hand or necklace or a pendent close to throat. Rudra Centre today is a market leader It protects from enemies and removes all fears, It gives Citta Shuddhi and thus is good for Sadhana (Meditation). ¬©, All rights reserved. It exceeded my expectations boundless. for Beginners, Yellow Jade and Best for peace, prosperity, health and spiritual growth. The Western tradition suggests the August borns to wear natural peridot to get benefits. When installed in North East, it eliminates Vastu dosha. Not only Ravana, even Banasur and other ruling dynasties secretly worshipped Parad Shivlinga. The Peridot stone is said to cure people suffering from most ailments as well as mental illness allowing them to embrace life with a new gained confidence. In that case, the ring is discarded in flowing water once the sankalpa is fulfilled. During their life-span, the worshippers of Parad Shivling will attain glory, honor, high office, name and fame, progeny and learning. I received my package from you today... and am elated with what you have done with my Rudraksha beads. Idols made of Parad are considered more powerful than those of metal, wood or ceramic. It brings peace, contentment, concentration, dhyana and support in Samadhi. All these pleasant exper, Thank you for being a serious instrument in my spiritual life, Ms. Neetaji, I wanted to thank you all for what you have done for me!

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