Vince was a stickler for how dips should be performed. Dumbbell Bench Press Barbell bench press. By BJ Gaddour, MH Fitness Director. For many, the barbell bench press may be a tough exercise to part ways with - due to the emotional attachment one has created with the movement. 5 Ways to Bench Press without a Bench. However, these alternative options can deliver just as great a pump and increase strength just as much, with few compromises. However, it is still worth noting that this is an awesome substitution. The barbell bench press is also one of the three lifts contested in the sport of powerlifting, with the other two being squats and deadlifts. Most people think about the benefits fat grips have to forearm training and grip strength in general. And Vince hated the bench press. Many exercisers consider the barbell bench press to be the king of chest exercises. It really hits the triceps, but because of the slight anterior lean also really targets the pecs. Your gym probably has parallel dip bars. But that’s no how Vince performed them. They really work the chest, and they’re a fun alternative to the chest press. Related: 7 Joint-Friendly Alternatives to the Barbell Bench Press. 1. I believe them to be just as valuable to pressing patterns for the reasons mentioned above. Obviously, during a barbell bench press, your hands can’t move inwards, so the alternative is the dumbbell version, which offers higher pec activation and a greater range of motion. If the barbell bench press is the most favorite of the horizontal presses, then Dumbbell Bench Press might be second. Depending on the gym you go to, weights can be loaded up pretty heavy on this exercise. Gironda wanted your hands 32 inches apart. Pin Press So when it came to alternative exercises for bench pressing, Vince had one exercise he considered supreme above all: dips. Hit the floor to press bigger numbers and build a bigger upper body. Whereas the guillotine press can teach elbow flare, the reverse-grip bench press can teach elbow tuck. Dec 16, 2015 Men's Health. Ahh, this is one of my favorite exercises to do in the TRX classes I teach. It’s not just a good mass builder, it’s good for developing strength too. 5. Chest Dips. This may seem like a no brainer as far as alternative exercises go. This is another great bodyweight exercise that’s pretty advanced when done without assistance.

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