The game has some priceless moments. I already had to leave Neera to get Minsc and will probably add Rasaad in her place. I love the way Minsc just doesn't understand WHY they stopped the play. I've always wondered, are the scenes where Minsc befriends Lilarcor (Larry) in the base game? Sadly he doesn't get a quest of any sorts in BG2, although he adopts the Umar Hills quest as his own cause. The main antagonists were also drawn from party members (Sarevok was a Chaotic Good Ranger, Irenicus was a Mage named Jon Icarus, whose name was changed to avoid unintentional parallels with Greek mythology - hence why Centeol calls him Jon Icarus in BG classic). I've definitely had Minsc/Edwin fight each other to the death in BG2. My favorite minsc moment is allowing him to convince the pirate lord your party is crazy, to gain access to spellhold. His class and stats is a remnant from the PnP-character he is based on. 'Tis sweet music to my furry friend.". I think it’s so endearing that he has found a new witch - which I feel like he sees as a little sister. It's actually right there on Wikipedia :D,, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the baldursgate community. It functions differently in different versions, so I'm going to assume EE for this, where it is almost identical to the Berserker's Enrage ability, with two differences: Minsc doesn't get additional uses with levels, and instead of getting winded, Minsc can lose control and attack allies. I care not. See more ideas about baldur's gate portraits, portrait, baldur's gate. Someone, maybe Trent? Bring the Poisoned Man to his Friends is a side quest which can be started when traveling between the areas of Athkatla in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition.In one random encounter between areas, you will come across a band of thugs attacking a man. Select Baldur's Gate if you've installed BG1 only; Shadows of Amn if you're playing BG1 under the BG2 engine. Or are you one of those rare souls with no strong opinion one way or the other? This is also why he has the berserker-ability tacked on. He's also possibly one of the most polarizing NPCs, with many players either loving him or hating him, so this should be an interesting thread. "Oh! Boo applauds!!" Baldur's Gate NPCs are non-player characters (NPCs) who will help the player form a group to take on the Baldur's Gate series of computer games.The NPCs recruited become playable characters directly controlled by the player. Also for Korgan/Aerie (at least in my game), Korgan taunts her to the point of her threatening to leave, but she never did. He's kind of the definition of an average character - you're never going to struggle to make him useful, but you also wouldn't pick him up if you were powergaming. The thugs will turn on you and you must defeat them. I've never had that happen in my Minsc/Edwin parties. Of course that doesn't mean his Strength doesn't matter, as it frees up those items to go to other party members while still allowing Minsc to mostly keep pace with them. ", "Play on, bard! How do you like to spec him? What you want? He has no quests associated with him. I guess the idea is that he had Ranger-acceptable Wisdom pre-head wound. Harkoliar: General Conversation Archives (11/2000 - 01/2005) 6: 11-16-2001 11:54 PM: I didn't raise Minsc, hate Edwin, can I still go to gnoll fortress? The person playing him (I can't remember the name) was very fond of Civ 2 and always played as the Russians and so named his character after the city of Minsk. On the downside, Minsc has got some pretty questionable specialization choices. The more you know. (This accounts in part for his rage, as a kit feature - although Rashemi berserkers are of course an actual thing in the Realms too, and had their own kit to themselves - and a relatively early access to an animal companion, which was another of the special features of the kit). In BG1, Minsc has the highest strength of all the Bioware NPCs, weighing in at a mighty 18/93 Strength, providing him a +2 bonus to hit and a +5 bonus to damage. I really wish I could remember where I saw all these things - I'm going by memory. IIRC, my CHARNAME was romancing her at the time so it might've been a factor. Human Male Ranger(Berserker) Neutral Good; Not much needs to be said about this undeniable fan-favorite character. I … In one random encounter between areas, you will come across a band of thugs attacking a man. ", "It is as you would have it. Interesting. As a result he's the rare instance of a character who actually was more useful in Classic than in the updated version, as his specs are a lot more powerful in Classic's system. [when fatigued] Uh-ah. The following characters return in Siege of Dragonspear: Dynaheir, Minsc, Jaheira, Khalid, Edwin, Safana, Viconia. On the other hand I really like Minsc but from what I understand, to keep him I must have Dynaehir as well. ; Nature takes the life she gave!) has become a sort of mascot for the Baldur's Gate franchise, so if you know it at all you … Press J to jump to the feed. You really are making quarantine so much better and teaching me so much about these games I’ve grown up playing. 300 gold and 14550 XP In fact if you play the surprisingly low-banter canon party, it's probably all you'll ever hear. [when taking the leading position] Yer all buffleheaded. He goes berserk if Dynaheir dies and as mentioned above he'll eventually try to kill Edwin but that's about it. Same with Jaheira, she says some of the most badass one liners of all (Fall creature and feed the Earth! I like Minsc but I rarely use him due to how loud his war crys are. Bring the Poisoned Man to his Friends It was restored by UB. I like trying to convince the Pirate Lord I'm crazy without Minsc but with Yoshimo. I've done had enough of this. Random encounter area, Athkatla Docks As a result, Minsc is one of the better warriors in the game. I'm replaying Baldur's Gate (vanilla) so that I can play through BG2 (also vanilla) and, as I have on every file I've played since I was a kid, I picked up Minsc ASAP. NPC Spotlight: Minsc. Run the IESE and select your game type. Fun fact: Minsc is one of several NPCs to have illegal stats, except in his case it's that his Wisdom is too low for a Ranger, which affects... absolutely nothing. This satisfies both Minsc and Edwin’s quest requirements, then promptly have Dynaheir tank some monsters. I can't remember which episode though. My trick to having both NPCs join for the long haul is to get Minsc, go rescue Dynaheir, return to Nashkel and recruit Edwin. Baldur's Gate Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This quest is given automatically upon recruiting Minsc in Nashkel. Please keep them coming. Nov 16, 2020 - My own versions of portrait replacements for the Baldur's Gate games. There was a quest planned for him, but it was cut due to time restrictions. Yes, Cameron Tofer had a blog post where he talked about Minsc. The precedent condition for them fighting requires Dynaheir. He has a couple of other banters that fire in BGI, some of which are generics that can fire in response to/as insults for other NPCs, and others which are specifically to do with Dynaheir, Edwin (who of course also gets a fight), and even Garrick: "Your words are as sharp as my blade, though not half as shiny. The unofficial reddit home of the original Baldur's Gate series and the Infinity Engine! He still makes a capable frontliner, but in practice is essentially Diet Korgan. Minsc is without a doubt the best melee fighter in Baldur's Gate. Those are actually pretty funny. Over. New items in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, New items in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, New items in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition,, The poisoned man will ask you to bring him to his friend in the. Personally I enjoy it, but I'm also not confused by those who don't. It's pretty interesting stuff and I'm hoping someone around here has a link to it handy. Also Minsc looks so much like Chris Perkins that I thought I was watching a Minsc actor when I first saw Perkins DMing at a CON. I never use his berserk ability to the ally-attacking issues, and it strikes me as a very big weakness for a bodyguard. He's got 16 Dex and Con now which is nice, but the bevy of Strength-boosting items, two of which are available right from the get-go, means that he doesn't stand out nearly as much. Are you in the love him camp or the hate him camp? Heya! Party wise I'm in the love camp. I believe your Charisma can also affect these confrontations, but I'm not 100% sure. He's a goofy, over-the-top brain-damaged Ranger with only one volume who's so fixated on smiting evil that even the Paladin has to rein him in sometimes, and that either plays for you or it doesn't. He was really getting into it, it seems. Do you think Minsc is right about Boo being a miniature giant space hamster? 7 months ago. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fallout 2. Rangers are uniquely primed for dual-wielding - Minsc doubly so with his Strength - but with his specs divided between 2-handed swords (not bad but also not dual-wield friendly), longbows (okay in a pinch but plays to Minsc's weaknesses) and maces (finally a dual-wield weapon, but one with very limited options in BG1), he's gonna need some investment before you can get him up to snuff.

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