We were given a roast from another breeder. Seem to have a more delicate taste than regular mutton. They make superb paddock mowers as coming from a bush environment they particularly relish all those pasture weeds that other stock will leave behind. Others say they are very easy to keep and no trouble … Some of the worst mutton Iv tried was old arapawa ewe. Because of our history with rare breed conservation, Truelson figured we were a good fit, or…crazy enough to participate.” You can choose Bannur, Cheviot, Deccani, Merino or any other local breeds for meat production. The Arapawa sheep are very hardy and strong animals. September 20, 2020 October 11, 2019 by Siddartha Reddy. You have to visit any livestock market or some farms in your area to know the current price. They were introduced and essentially forgotten about and have survived on their own in the wild. So lambs are already well-grown and independant by the time summer arrives,  and will even breed readily in their first year. However, they are easy to habituate to your land and way of managing them, and can be readily hand-tamed with a bucket of sheep nuts! Heritage breeds generally have a genetic predisposition to much higher natural immunity to pests and diseases, not having been bred to depend on the artificial aid of constant pharmaceutical supoort. And are well adapted to their native environments. Arapawa meat is a great way to utilize your wethers, as like wiltshire meat it is fine-grained and lean, and particulalry good at hogget age. Post by wolga » Wed Sep 02, 2015 10:30 pm. 1 Arapawa Sheep Characteristics. Arapawa Sheep are a wonderful New Zealand heritage breed of sheep and in my opinion perfect for the  lifestyle block. They are from Arapawa Island, in the Marlborough Sounds, and are thought to have been introduced some 150 years ago by early settlers, possibly a type of Merino sheep. Just wondering if anybody here has experience with Arapawa sheep. Like many sheep in harsh climates they have a super-fine fleece, as fine as merino, which is produced in an array of beautiful natural colours and hues from pale cream through apricot, silvery grey, russet, chocolate brown to almost black. He had a stable-enough herd, and so he established other herds, which he also provided. Fibre length is between 30-60mm. Some nice examples there,,making me hungry looking at them. Email me if you wish to add this to your Unicorn Products order - Cost is essentially to cover postage. The rarest pig breed in the world is teetering on the brink of extinction, and the few people working to save it would love some help from anyone who enjoys the company of pigs, and a good slice or three of the tastiest bacon around. Posts 604. We're happy to provide ongoing support & advice if this is your first time owning sheep. Fleece essentially all one colour, sun bleached black wool, once cleaned & carded, the wool takes on a dark rich brown colour. Just wondering if anybody here has experience with Arapawa sheep. They do best if given access to bush and/or constant mineral supplementation, as due to their origins they need a higher mineral element in thier diet to maintain their robust health. The wild sheep’s origin is unknown some claim its from Merino sheep that introduced to the Island in the early nineteenth century. A likely origin for the Arapawa sheep is that they are escapees of a flock of mainly Merino origin known to have been introduced in 1867, the original stock having undoubtedly come from Australia. So containing them could be a problem. I’ve heard they can be fairly wild and jump fences. They are very strong breed as they survived the harsh conditions on an Island. Being an animal from the NZ bush, they do need to always have shade provided in thier paddocks, otherwise they get too hot and sweaty, which attracts flies. Their light build and long legs together make them a very active breed. The sheep breeds have been isolated since they were developed in 1867. I won't be eating my darlings. The exact origin of the sheep breed is still unknown due to scant information about them. The fineness of the fleece appears to give protection from strong winds and driving rain, and for humans has many potential uses in spinning and felting and in speciality fibre mixes. Other … Read More Are Arapawa sheep good eating? Bev Trowbridge and Dave Crabb have owned and lived at Muriwai Valley Farm in its current location at Ahuroa since 2004.

are arapawa sheep good eating

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