Like step 2 and 4. I bet it smelled amazing with the Rosemary! :-). Just started baking and I’ve been searching for the perfect bread recipe and this is it! Very first time making bread. To bake gently set them on the top of the stove till oven reaches temp. Also had to add loads more bread flour to soak up the Luke warm water to make a firm dough. I just discovered this recipe, it’s exactly what I’m searching for, really easy and no-fuss to make, loving it. It is rising kinda flat, but I’m going to wait another 20 minutes. I don’t use cornmeal just parchment paper and sometimes I will add sesame seeds to the top for a different flavor. I am trying it for garlic bread right now! Can I make this Asiago Cheese bread? My husband brought the wrong yeast home, it is gluten-free . Had to bake the second loaf 15 min. Let me know how it turned out. Stir the ingredients to distribute yeast and salt in the flour. Last, I have convection feature on my oven — would it better to use the convection setting or not? I have only ever done family bread recipes, so when i went into my pantry to pull all the ingredients necessary I was shocked to have seen the only oil I had was Olive. Im going to make it ASAP!!! When you mix your yeast in warm water (100-105 degrees) it will become creamy when dissolved. I used two cups of the water so will use less next time. Thank you. Thank you for such a simple, delicious recipe! In another bowl add flour, salt, and sugar. First time breadmaker and I happened upon your recipe. This bread was amazing! Carrie, can I use Whole wheat flour for the Rustic Italian bread? I used a different pack of yeast (same box) this attempt and it seemed ‘dead’ in the water. My thought is to try it and see what happens! I agree with Dave P. on technique #2; it was foolproof. Sooooo good! I have a question, is the sugar for taste or to help the dough rise? So so so good! Next, score the top of the dough with a sharp knife at a 45 degree angle. Was the yeast active? As mentioned, the yeast is “alive” or active it gets foamy and bubbly. The big loaf is gone!thank you for such an easy and tastes treat. Once it rises take a little more flour, pat it down and roll it into a ball again. I just followed this recipe and posted about it on my blog. By 35 I still had not accomplished bread that wasn’t hard or overly dense or that rose properly. I am so glad that you all enjoyed it and now have an easy go to recipe for rustic bread :), Your bread recipe worked out great- first bread bake from scratch and it passed the Italan hubby test! Hi Carrie! Site by Beneficial Studio. I moved to rural WV from a place that offer good Italian Bread within walking distance. The microwave keeps it free from drafts on a cold winter night, like tonight (here in PA). I’ve been very satisfied with the results. To help with the rise time I usually make it right before I pick up the kids so it rises when I am out getting them. Another thing you could try is baking it at a lower temperature, I would try 10 degrees less. Neither are the two options you give in the text. Then I put it back in the bowl to rise. I’ve been looking for a good bread recipe that I could make frequently and this is it. (I did add extra flour initially since it was so wet). Simple and delicious…thanks, wish we could share our proud photos. I added rosemary and olive oil and it was perfect. Does this bread freeze well after baking? I like to cut it up in slices then wrap it in foil and bag it in a ziplock. I am not sure when I can separate the dough into two and if I need to cook in a bread pan on top of my pizza stone or if I can bake directly on it….I live in AZ, so it is very dry here, but I do get a good rise both times. So easy, I thought I must have omitted some steps. Thanks Lisa, I am so glad you liked the bread recipe. I am curious if this recipe can be used for Italian stuffed bread? Oh, and I should note that I kneaded it more than the recipe called for. I love that you made a decadent grilled cheese with this rustic bread! My friends ask for the recipe and I send them to your blog. Hi June, Do you remember fussing over it a bit more the 2nd time or less? I used one cup whole wheat flour, an the rest all-purpose. I used self raising wheat flour and instant yeast. © 2020 – For the Feast. Have done twice already, both turned out very well. Hi Rebecca, I hope you tried it again. A lot of bread recipes suggest using bottled water for baking because mineral or saline content would affect the flavor of the dough though not necessarily the proofing. My 3 year old Daughter and I like to do Sunday Morning baking – currently awaiting the second rise – its our first attempt at bread and very very nervous and excited!!! It’s just an option if you have time. When you let the bread rise twice it really makes for a better bread but if you are short on time then don’t worry about it. Best, Carrie. Since I am in Houston, Texas this takes me about 45 minutes. Flavor was delicious though. I hope it becomes a tradition for you all :), We have a bread machine that we use on and off, but I don’t really like the square, boring loaf that comes out. I just learned how to make regular white bread, but a lot of kneading (20 minutes in mixer) and rising time.

antimo caputo 00 flour bread recipe

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