The Al Shindagha Museum’s collection includes both tangible and intangible expressions of the heritage and culture of Dubai and the UAE. Cultural Tour in Dubai is one of the thigs to do when traveling to Dubai. Restoration projects in Shindagha included seven historical mosques most of them were constructed early 20th Century. 探索阿施达加 (Al Shindagha) 历史社区 (Al Shindagha Historic Neighbourhood) 现代迪拜形成于二十世纪初期,当时的统治家族在这个颇具魅力和历史意义的社区中确立了其统治地位。 Al Shindagha Museum The iconic Dubai Creek area is the home to our museum, where visitors can experience the vibrant history of Dubai. Al Shindagha is a heritage area that illuminates Dubai's culture and tradition.Historic photographs and documents can be viewed at Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House. Visitors will discover items of deep cultural significance, ranging from artefacts and art works to archival photography, film and educational content, in a historic location at the heart of the Dubai Historic District. The Al Shindagha Museum is the newly opened museum on the banks of the Creek in Old Dubai and is the first phase of the ambitious Dubai Historic District (DHD) project. Sheikh Zayed Road P.O.Box 6237, Dubai, UAE Tel: +971 4314 6200Email: [email protected]: 971 50 500 6611 This walking tour of Al Shindagha Museum will include visits to the Birth of the City House, the Perfume House, as well as a walkthrough that showcases the architectural heritage of Al Shindagha Historic District, rich with details across its many featured traditional windows, doors, ornaments, watchtowers and mosques that have shaped the urban fabric of old Dubai. Fascinating Bedouin It was developed as part of an initiative to transform the creek into a regional culture and traditional centre. Those are: Shiyookh Mosque, Otaibat Mosque, Al Milla Mosque, Bin Zayed Mosque, Al Murr Bin Huraiz Mosque, Harib Bin Harib Mosque. About Shindagha Historic District - حي الشندغة التاريخي Modern Dubai was born in the early 20th century when the ruling family established itself in the charming neighbourhood of Al Shindagha.

al shindagha historic district

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