Cosmetically this mic is 8/10. Well I completely understand that and it wasn't easy for me to take the leap but these are truly great sounding transformers. The capsule is guaranteed original and excellent/balanced sonically. Works perfectly original N1K power supply by AKG for C12 vintage tube mics modernized with standard AC connector. Built in the same era as the famed KU-3A ribbon(RCA model MI-10001) When RCA microphone manufacturing was at its peak, this is by far one of the nicest sounding tube condenser microphones ever made. Gift Guide. batteries(for remote recording) or an external power supply which is NOT included. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at C214 Professional large-diaphragm condenser microphone $399.00 each. Ici on parle francais. THE AUCTION INCLUDES: THE C-12A MIC- S/N 0578- COMPLETE WITH ITS'SHOCKMOUNT' STAND ADAPTER FOR 5/8" THREADS. Please visit my other items for other reasons why vocals must be eqed. From closed studio sale. They will give you more output than the original T14 and they have more head room and well. dhep.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2Bishm%3Ed%7Fhep-141b1093d40-0x103-, AKG N1K vintage tube mic Power Supply for C12 very good cosmetic condition. Removes all the muddy low. I will include all necessary schematics and ship the microphone free. Thank you! Please feel free to e-mail any questions. No need for great acoustics as it kills room boomy sound too. Due to the nature of vintage electronics from the 1950's this microphone is sold AS-IS with no returns. View Details Quickview . AKG N1K vintage tube mic Power Supply for C12 very good cosmetic condition. THE ORIGINAL CABLE FROM THE MIC BASE TO THE SUPPLY HAS BEEN PROFESSIONALLY REPLACED. Please email or call with any questions you have prior to purchase. THE POWER SUPPLY HAS BEEN OPENED TO RE-CAP IT. High pass passive filter for very close micing on the C12, C12A. Original cardiod capsule, power supply and all necessary cables. Leaves a diamond sparkling quality to voice. Holiday Gift Guide 2020. The Elam251 was particularly noteworthy, perhaps the finest sample to surface in some years and could still be viewed, until recently, under completed auctions. This is a great upgrade for you vintage C 12 C 28 Elam 250 and 251. Bank transfer in Euros to my German bank account is also welcome. They were made in Austria by an ex AKG employee and are hand wound and are of the best quality. The AKG C12 is a studio condenser micro­phone of the highest professional quality. 6.3 volts DC filament voltage, 120 volts DC plate voltage Mains Connection: 110/125/145/220/245 volts AC at 50/60 cps Stand Connector: 3 ⁄ 8" ½" 5 ⁄ 8"27 with micro­phone cable MK 12 Dimensions: 10" 255 mm) with connector. At about 90 volts, after some warm up and voltage checks. Low cut. Schematic of very close vocal filter for the AKG C12 C12A condenser microphones. Schematic Low Cut Filter very close vocal miking for the AKG C12 C12A microphone, AKG C12-A MULTI-PATTERN VINTAGE TUBE MICROPHONE COMPLETE W/ PWR FREE SHIPPING, REPLACEMENT TRANSFORMER FOR AKG C12 C24 C28 OR TELEFUNKEN ELAM 251 MICROPHONE, ORIGINAL RARE VINTAGE AKG N1 POWER SUPPLY FOR C12 TUBE MICROPHONE TESTED/WORKING. This is for the schematic of the filter only. Everything we sell is tested thoroughly and guaranteed to be as described or we will replace it. Also used in great sessions this C-28B has great history and is ready to record more. By the family, ever since. From estate. they just sound better! THANK YOU FOR LOOKING! Crystal clear sound as it prevents intermodulation in preamp. Economy express shipping, via Fedex to anywhere in the USA with the buy it now price. This the second MI-10002 I've owned over the last 10 years and I've never seen another for sale. The AKG C12 is a studio condenser micro­phone of the highest professional quality. You will find instructions on how to make it and finetune it for other great mics and as close distance as you would like. Low cut. This will need to be done before the mic can be used in the studio. And even more, amazing to have the original power supply and pattern box. Local pick up always possible. AKG Tube Case in good condition. Up for sale is a beautiful AKG C28B with a flight case. Less noise as by closer micing only the wanted signal power is increased. Return shipping will be paid by the buyer. Please visit my other items for the schematic and the major secret notes on vocal eqing. Our LD-12 model – and the two specific mics in the Ocean Way Collection, the OW-12 #1 and #2 – are based on the AKG C12, a legendary mic from the 1950s whose unparalleled sound arose from its unique combination of capsule design and tube electronics.In this Microphone Masterclass, meet the mic that, for many, is the holy grail of condenser mics. Among sound engineers, the AKG C12 is considered the holy grail of microphones. An early sample. Happy to ship worldwide and to combine shipping. Kills all the ugly low frequency content due to the proximity effect before it can reach the first stage of the preamplifier. There is a small gap in the mid closure and a slight indentation(both photographed) This mic is solid overall and flawless in sound. This item must be insured for the final sale value when shipped. C12 VR Reference multi-pattern tube condenser microphone $5,999.00 each. Returns accepted if not satisfied. the C28B is very similar to an original AKG C12, with the differences in sound being mostly due to the different capsules used. Among sound engineers, the AKG C12 is considered the holy grail of microphones. Low cut. AKG C12 VR Reference Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser Microphone 2221X00040. Something went wrong. Often overlooked and misused(they are front address not side address) they are really a great complementary mic to the larger C-12 and in many ways sound better on instruments then C12A's with more depth of signal. Trackable shipping to Europe ~$100. High pass passive filter for very close micing on AKG C12, C12A, C24 microphones. Power Supply, and Cable, The AKG C28b is the rarest of the AKG C28 family and the first to use the Nuvistor tube and a variation between the C-28a(6072a) and C-28c(Nuvistor) Both Capsules sound great- one is a CK1 cardioid and the second is a CK-2 Omni capsule- The CK-1 is probably sweetest and richest sounding capsule overall for the mic.

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