AEA Ribbon Mics and Preamps manufactures quality ribbon microphones and preamps that reflect your sound the way you hear it. Many ribbon mic manufacturers choose shorter ribbons that are easier to install, but AEA’s Large Ribbon Geometry design offers important advantages. Hi everybody, I create this separate thread to avoid putting too much questions in one single post. Plus, it’s active too, which is not a very common feature with ribbon mics, especially vintage ones. Unlike the N22, which has several layers of protective material around the ribbon transducer, there are only two thin layers of silk wrapped around the N8 ribbon, allowing it to capture wide open, natural sound. Gregory Scott - ubk Share Quote. Lives for gear . They are both active ribbon. As much as I love my R84, I had an AEA 44 on loan for several months. With balanced bass at a distance of 20 feet away, it is perfect for drum overheads, strings, room miking and outside a piano. The AEA R84 uses a big, 2.35″ by 0.185″ by 2-micron pure aluminum low-tension ribbon element just like the classic R44. The N8 uses the same custom transformer utilized in the AEA A440 and R84A microphones, enabling additional output over passive microphones and a … If someone had tried both, I would b We use an RCA 77dx with great results. N8 vs N22. AEA r88 or 2 x r84's? Love the idea of a single stereo microphone for overheads and drum rooms but not sure if the R89 would lack versatility? This is because the phantom power can actually damage the internal ribbon. No question, the 44. My Recordings/Credits. I too love the r84, but if you can access a 44 it's a no-brainer. That's an amazing mic that just blows the 84 away. However, this ribbon mic, has a more basic and stripped-back, cylindrical design. From the 1930s — when it was introduced by RCA — the RCA 44 became a staple in broadcasting and recording studios throughout the world. The N22 is the first member of AEA’s NUVO series of microphones. Agreed. The N8 is the second member of AEA’s NUVO series of microphones. Rooted in the RCA tradition just like other AEA ribbon microphones, all NUVO microphones are designed to offer a fresh approach to the ribbon transducer and represent Wes Dooley’s take on the evolution of the ribbon microphone. Proudly independent, we build all our products by hand in Pasadena, CA, U.S.A. About the NUVO Series. Lives for gear . I don't find a lot of informations about the differences between the AEA R84A and the N8. Washington. Share Quote. AEA suggest that the sound quality is related to the diaphragm resonance. 2nd November 2010 #12. A few of AEA’s mic designs, such as the R84, tend to be based around more classic, vintage ribbon mics such as the RCA 44. As AEA’s first original design, many users have questions about its lineage and connection to the R44.. A Rich History. To my ears, the new N8 sounds a little brighter and not quite as thick in the mid-range as AEA’s R84, both of which are advantages as far as I’m concerned. Looking at one of these options to complement a pair of Coles. With active electronics and a custom transformer, the N8 provides 12db of extra output and more preamp flexibility than traditional passive ribbon mics. The very natural sound character of the N8, combined with its high overload margin, makes a pair of them a good choice for minimalist drum miking, either as traditional overheads, or as front and side ‘under-head’ mics. 30 he to 18k and sounds beautiful on horns & vocals too. The R84 is one of the most popular mics in the AEA line. 22nd April 2013 #2. shortstory. Price is no object?

aea r84 vs n8

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