Usneaceae Alectoria sarmentosa (L.) Ach. vexillifera is blue-listed in BC. Areas required by ''A. sarmentosa Wright 2005-4-9 National Institutes of Health Create Alert. Alectoria sarmentosa is light green, highly branched, and drapes over tree branches like tinsel. sarmentosa'' is sensitive to air pollution and used for air quality monitoring. Ethnolichenology at Wikia Recent changes All pages Subpages Connections Editing tutorial [refresh ] To return to database index click here. Uses ''Alectoria sarmentosa'' and similar species provide reasonably good nutrition to animals and are important winter browsing vegetation. Alectoria cf. It is a light greenish colored and fructicose or bushy bodied. I was hiking amongst the trees just below the alpine and noticed tons … Alectosarmentin, a New Antimicrobial Dibenzofuranoid Lactol from the Lichen, Alectoria sarmentosa. Usneaceae Alectoria sarmentosa (L.) Ach. Contents[show] Alectoria spp. A. sarmentosa grows from conifer branches that receive a lot of sunlight and are exposed to wind. The main branches of the t… sarmentosa'' grows draped or strung over conifer tree limbs and deciduous shrub branches in Northern temperate rainforest. Sitka black tailed deer and Caribou eat the lichen reachable, low branches or off of the ground when it is blown down onto the snow during winter storms. . Witch’s Hair (Alectoria sarmentosa) KINGDOM Fungi PHYLUM Ascomycota CLASS Ascomycetes ORDER Lecanorales FAMILY Alectoriaceae Witch’s Hair hangs from conifer branches in moist forests, especially in the more open old-growth forests where much sunlight penetrates. British Columbia Provincial Museum, page 55 View all documented uses for Alectoria sarmentosa (L.) Ach. ''A. (Natureserve, 2014) Sarmentosa is the most common tree-dwelling species. Ssp. This resembles bushy, green hair such as that a witch might have. Will forest conservation areas protect functionally important diversity of fungi and lichens over time? October 18, 2019 October 21, 2019 Angela 0 Comments alectoria sarmentosa, hair lichen, uses for witches hair lichen, weaving with lichen. ''Alectoria sarmentosa'' is a long-lived, perennial lichen. Nitinaht - Other, Cooking Tools Use documented by: Turner, Nancy J., John Thomas, Barry F. Carlson and Robert T. Ogilvie, 1983, Ethnobotany of the Nitinaht Indians of Vancouver Island, Victoria. A. sarmentosa ssp. Intriguing Info There are two common witch's hair subspecies: sarmentosa and vexillifera. It is also sometimes classified as a fungus. 2015. alectoria sarmentosa art inspirational . Hanaksiala - Fiber, Mats, Rugs & Bedding Use documented by: Compton, Brian Douglas, 1993, Upper North Wakashan and Southern Tsimshian Ethnobotany: The Knowledge and Usage of Plants..., Ph.D. Dissertation, University of British Columbia, page 144 View all documented uses for Alectoria sarmentosa (L.) Ach. Further, it has a long life-span and reproduce via apothecuia which are scattered throughout the loose medulla. Utility Uses (no approved harvesting techniques currently) ''A. The Alectoria sarmentosa, better known as Witch’s Hair, is a member of the order Lecanorales. Human Uses Alectoria fibres were used by the Nuxalk as false hair for decorating dance masks. Papers overview. 2015. Weaving with lichen. This website uses cookies to improve your user experience. This epiphytic lichen belonging to the Alectoriaceae family and the suborder Lecanorineae, which includes six similar species. Some text fragments are auto parsed from Wikipedia. Alectoria sarmentosa is commonly called Witch‘s Hair in reference to the light green, pendant, fruticose thallus light that hangs 40 to 80cm from branches of trees. vexillifera, found on the ground in the eastern arctic & western alpine tundra, has flattened branches & is often blotched dark greenish black. This lichen is commonly found in transitional areas between valley and mountainous forests, but usually avoiding the immediate coast.

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