The ABS Board of Directors voted at the June 2009 Board Meeting in Atlanta to exclude the "random pattern" as a Damascus pattern used for the Master Smith dagger blade. The test blade is used to cut a free-hanging rope, chop through 2 2X4" pieces of lumber, and retain an edge capable of shaving hair from the judge's arm. The ABS has partnered with several colleges to offer courses in bladesmithing and has launched its own museum. ABS knifemakers forge their blades, as opposed to making them via the stock-removal method. The American Bladesmith Society, or ABS, is a non-profit organization composed of knifemakers whose primary function is to promote the techniques of forging steel blades. Proficient makers like Scott Taylor and Michael Manabe, whom I had introduced before, though aiming to become masters themselves, are still not able to fulfill their goals. Following the "Introduction to Bladesmithing Course," the applicant may take the test under the supervision of a Master Smith. Lastly, the knife is placed into a vise and flexed for 90 degrees. [11] The first smith to receive the Master title under these requirements was Wayne Goddard. In 1976, he incorporated the organization, and it received non-profit status in 1985.[1]. Copyright © 2019 - Terry L. Vandeventer Knives. Bladesmiths join the ABS as Regular members and are rated as Apprentice Smiths. By 1976 more than a dozen bladesmiths were making Damascus steel, and on December 4, 1976, Moran wrote the by-laws. Vandeventer posted these … $20.00 shipping. Master Bladesmith, ABS. The American Bladesmith Society (ABS) selected Terry Vandeventer to make the Master Smith of the Year Knife for 2018. Many knife makers advertised themselves as "masters" but until this time there was no formal system for officially awarding such a title. Once the test begins, no work, not even light stropping, may be done to the test blade. They should be the finest knives the applicant has made up to that time. Seven Master Smiths will judge the work and vote on the outcome. We have mastered all facets of forging, heat treating and finishing a knife. [8] The first year inductions were held in 1996: James Black, James Bowie, Don Hastings, B. R. Hughes, William F. Moran, and William Scagel. Dirk (15" OAL) Blade: 9 1/2" Turkish Twist w/ Integral Random Damascus bolster fitted with a birds beak weld; Handle: African Blackwood; Mitch Lum Photo [3], In 1988, on the grounds of Historic Washington State Park in Hempstead County, Arkansas, the ABS and Texarkana College founded a Bladesmithing School in collaboration with the Pioneer Washington Foundation and the Arkansas State Parks. If successful, the applicant must submit 5 forged carbon steel knives for judging on symmetry, balance, and aesthetics. The society itself is … ... Damascus Steel French Laguiole Master Smith Folding Pocket Knife In Blue … I offer fixed blade knives, mostly bowies, daggers, hunter/skinner styles, everyday carry and historic replicas as well as the occasional tomahawk and sword. Years later, tests were established for a maker to attain a rating of "Master smith." In 1976 the American Bladesmith Society (ABS) was conceived with the goals of preserving and furthering the art and science of the forged blade. The ABS was founded by knifemaker William F. Moran, who came up with the concept in 1972 when he was Chairman of the Knifemakers' Guild; the following year, he introduced Damascus steel blades at an annual show. Finally the blade is placed in a vice and bent ninety degrees without breaking or delaminating. But the Society unanimously elected him “Chairman Emeritus,” meaning that he would serve on the board for the balance of his life. The blade must cleanly sever a free-hanging 1" diameter hemp rope within four inches of the end, chop two 2X4 pine studs in half, and in the end, shave hair from the applicant's arm to show edge-retention. An Apprentice Smith wishing to test for Journeyman must appear before an ABS Master Smith with a blade designed for a physical, destructive test. In 2006 six ABS Master Smith judges unanimously promoted me to Mastersmith, bringing the total number of ABS Masters worldwide to 113. So, the titles of Apprentice, Journeyman (JS), and Master (MS) were adopted, and testing requirements were established for the last two. [6] The American Bladesmith Society is now associated with Texarkana College in Arkansas, Haywood Community College in North Carolina, and the New England School of Metalwork in Maine which offer Bladesmithing courses taught by experienced ABS Master Smiths and Journeyman Smiths.[7]. Early Ed Caffrey ( ABS Mastersmith M.S. ) Search: Home::; ABS. The campus was located near where historians believed that James Black had first forged the Bowie knife. Lastly, the knife is placed into a vise and flexed. Speaking of the term, ABS Mastersmith, it means "Master of Iron" or "Craftsman of Craftsmen" in the world of forged knives, and not everyone can become one. [2][3], Within months, a handful of knifemakers had begun making Damascus blades: Bill Bagwell, Don Hastings, Michael Connor, and Sid Birt. In 1991, Moran stepped down as its President. See paragraphs 3 and 4 of the 2019 document entitled Master Smith Testing. One of the five knives must be a European Quillion Dagger with 300 minimum layers of damascus steel, a carved fluted handle and twisted wire inlay. After a three (3) year period as a member they may apply for the Journeyman test.[9]. "Historic Washington State Park overview", "ABS Testing Rules and Guidelines for the Journeyman Smith Rating", "ABS Testing Rules and Guidelines for the Master Smith Rating", Cutlery and Allied Trades Research Association,, Professional associations based in the United States, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 July 2020, at 18:10. [5] This campus had a replica of James Black’s blacksmith shop where, during the winter of 1830 and 1831, American frontiersman James Bowie purchased a knife from Black.

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