Area (sqft) Depth in. Crushed stone #57 – Sizes of about 3/4″. Because rounded or irregularly shaped project areas will require different calculations, we suggest speaking with a professional to determine how much to buy. When using above #57, 2"-3" is recommended. Slag and recycled concrete can be used for all the same applications as limestone. To put this into perspective, you can expect gravel in this size family to be around the same size as nickels and quarters. Drainage –  As mentioned previously, this particular type of gravel is perfect for offering excellent drainage to any property. After more than a century in the business, we’ve developed a strong reputation for producing high-quality natural stone aggregates at affordable rates. HOWEVER, time slots requested cannot be guaranteed. Crushed stone #411 – A mixture of stone dust and #57 stone. By highlighting the features and composition of these stones, discussing the benefits and considerations associated with using it, and taking a look at its most common purposing, we hope that you will get a much stronger sense for determining whether or not #57 crushed gravel is the right material for your specific needs. Limestone #57 Limerock is a white, porous rock that can be used in many types of projects, from driveways to back-filling walls, and others. #57 limestone is used for driveways, drainage and construction projects. Gravel Roads/Driveways – The chunky yet not overly-large nature of this type of gravel makes it well-suited for surfacing unpaved gravel roads and driveways. Grade #610S tan Calica stone and grey limestone (¾ of an inch) can serve independently as the top layer. Braen Stone is the most gravel supplier of #57 crushed gravel and other gravel products in NJ and its surrounding areas. A finer grade of one-half inch, Calica stone and grey limestone #57G or, even finer at 1/4 inch, limestone #8G are also options for loose-top driveways. Utilities –  Many contractors and utility providers use this type of crushed gravel in order to line underground pipes, sewers and utility lines/cables. Limestone is available for purchase in a variety of different sizes depending on the need for the material. Disclaimer Size Variation: Please allow for up to 10% larger or smaller pieces as well as up to 10% fine material within your product than what is described in the product information. Home / Shop / Limestone (Tons) / 57 Limestone. First of all, what does the number “57” actually mean? For concrete and asphalt mix, driveways, landscaping and French drains. As with any landscaping and construction material, #57 gravel comes with its own unique set of benefits and considerations. Some of its most common uses include: Base Material – This type of gravel is heavy enough to create a great base for constructing asphalt roads and driveways. Because the tar and other aggregates found in the hot mix asphalt are able to sink into the spaces between the rocks, it creates a firmer, more solid layer of material. If we cannot meet your preferred time slot, a Customer Service Representative will reach out with the next available opening. Exactly what I was looking for and it added such beauty to my yard! For best results, we recommend only using #57 gravel to surface areas that will be flat, not sloped. Sizes of #57 Stone range from 1 inch to 1/2 inch. Area (sqft) Depth in. Limestone and/or granite Weight of #9 Gravel : 2000 Pounds Volume of ton of #9 Gravel: 17 Cubic Feet Gravel Installation Instructions: - #9 Gravel is often used as a leveling agent for patios. Sizes Available # 10 screenings [Powder to 1/4"] # 8 [3/8"] # 57 [3/4" to 1"] Thank you so much! ASTM number 57 stone is large enough to allow drainage while supporting asphalt and cement. Excellent Drainage – This size of the crushed gravel makes it perfect for allowing water to drain naturally, preventing flooding and pooling. To put this into perspective, you can expect gravel in this size family to be around the same size as nickels and quarters. It is 1.25 ton per cubic yard. To check delivery availability, or if you are trying to place a same day order, call 216.986.7000. Regardless of how you choose to use #57 gravel throughout your property, it’s important to be smart about buying it. Although #57 crushed gravel has a lot to offer its users, there are a few things to think about before selecting this material for your upcoming project: Slopes – Due to the fact that this type of gravel is a bit heavier and looser than other aggregate materials, it has a tendency to go with the flow of gravity. Limestone is available for purchase in a variety of different sizes depending on the need for the material. You can always count on getting the lowest, wholesale prices from us. You will also get to choose your size range, which is where limestone gradations come into play. This material is the most common driveway and parking lot topping. A common size limestone used for driveway application is #57. This gravel is often used for paving walk or driveways, … Some of the biggest advantages associated with working with #57 crushed gravel include: Affordability – Because this type of gravel is so common, you will be able to locate and purchase it at the lowest and most affordable prices. Common applications: Driveway Gravel RV Pads Drainage Control French Drains Walkways Concrete Mix . Braen Stone Company. Please Note: We do our best to ensure timely deliveries. The dust mixes with the larger stone and settles well. Tons All Rights Reserved | 400-402 Central Avenue | Haledon, New Jersey 07508 | 973-321-3699, Gravel Driveway Maintenance That Won’t Break the Bank, Maintain Your Gravel Driveway With These 5 Easy But Important Steps, How to Make a Gravel Driveway: Your Step-by-Step Guide. The Density of #57 Limestone Gravel: 2,410 lb/yd³ or 1.21 t/yd³ or 0.8 yd³/t The pure whiteness of limestone gravel make the rock very popular for use in driveways and parking lots across the country. 57 Limestone. First-time gravel shoppers may be surprised to learn how many different options they have. This means choosing a local manufacturer and supplier that offers high-quality materials at the best prices possible. This size resembles a lemon or grapefruit. It is also used as a base underneath concrete. This allows for less material to cover more space, saving you money. Can also be used as a base to build on or pour over concrete. Before you can even consider working with #57 crushed gravel, you need to understand what it actually is. … is an open-graded, self-compacting aggregate blend of size 5, 6, & 7 stone.

57 limestone size

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