Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883: Year: 2015: Category: Custom / cruiser: Price as new: US$ 8399. Electronic fuel injection says goodbye to carburetors and boasts increased reliability and less routine maintenance. Not a huge problem, mind you, but worth keeping in mind if you think that you may want to take some long-distance rides.”, My wife and fellow writer, Allyn Hinton, says, "For the price, it’s a good entry-level bike, that’s true, but my husband’s Sportster has served us well as a third vehicle for many years. H-D® Smart Security System Black powder-coated cylinders and cylinder heads are topped off with polished rocker covers to complete the premium Harley-Davidson® look. Okay, I’ll admit that sometimes I do, too. That planted a seed that grew into a well-rounded appreciation of all things mechanical, and eventually, into a formal education of same. I’d like to say that I prefer the smaller ’true peanut’ tank, but I don’t miss having to carry extra fuel in bottles on my saddlebags just to make it between fuel stops on long trips. There were a few outcomes but the biggest for the Iron 883 was brand new suspension and … The exclusive deep-cut tread design improves grip and water evacuation capability. Instead, Harley endowed the Iron with their “blacked out” look on the fork lower legs, drag-style handlebars, mirrors, engine, rear fender struts and turn signals, giving the bike an unapologetic aggressive look. Details that may seem small but make a huge difference on the road. The motorcycle is propelled by the air-cooled, Evolution engine with a displacement of 883 cc which features aluminium heads and cylinders, and electronic fuel injection. Hit the jump for more information on the Harley-Davidson 883 Roadster. Rating: 2.8 See the detailed rating of design and look, maintenance cost, engine performance, etc. I like the classic looks, I really do, but as iconic as the air cleaner is, I wish the factory had done away with the old ham-can air cleaner in favor of something with less knee-bashing potential. It is also worthy of being mentioned that the Harley-Davidson 883 Roadster rides on Michelin Scorcher tyres with a deep-cut tread design which deliver a great grip and improve handling. $9,249. The Evolution® engine—known in certain crowds as the Blockhead—was first bolted to the frame of a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle back in 1984. Under the rear rubber, aramid belts are used to stabilize your ride, which helps inspire confidence in handling. The tried-and-true, air-cooled, 883 cc Evolution engine serves as the beating heart of this blacked-out bruiser. Unmatched style and performance down to the very last detail. T.J got an early start from his father and other family members who owned and rode motorcycles, and by helping with various mechanical repairs throughout childhood. ... 2015 Harley-Davidson 883 Roadster Key Features: Authentic Styling: Peanut Fuel Tank with Race Graphics Bolted onto the 883 … Bolted onto the 883 Roadster is a classic, tapered peanut style fuel tank with exclusive Harley-Davidson racing graphic. Closed Loop Exhaust System To me, this is yet another example of how the factory tends to look back to established traditions while pushing forward into new technology and ever-increasing customer expectations. In addition, the optional ABS keeps you confident in all braking situations. Feast your eyes on the 883cc Evolution® engine and there’s no mistaking its roots. Keeping your mind clear and soaking up the freedom of the open road means not fretting about your ride. Top speed run. You can get the sheet metal shot in Brilliant Silver Pearl, Sand Cammo Denim or Black Denim for a paltry $8,399, which places it well within the entry-level range, and the Hard-Candy paint options can be had for $9,149.

2015 iron 883 top speed

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